Osteopathy and Emotional Medicine

Osteopathy is about the physical body (musculo skeletal system) but it must be remembered that this system is constantly being influenced by the environment it is in (I.e. it is an open system). The cells of the musculo skeletal tissues have antennae (receptors) and so are constantly “receiving” and “reacting” to electrical and chemical activity in the body. These physical reactions can be felt through the sensitive hands of a manual therapist.

1. What are emotions and how are they linked to the body?

A very basic and scientific explanation is that an emotion is a chemical reaction to a stimulus that has a neurological and therefore physical response. It’s this physical response that defines the emotion (Eg we see a lion running at us. We feel fear and our heart pounds and we break out in a sweat – we look out on a lovely quiet lake while listening to relaxing music and we sigh, our heart beat slows and we feel peace) Candace Pert has done so much research on this link starting in the 1970’s (molecules of emotion, the body is the subconscious mind) other key figures that have contributed to this link between quantum mechanics and the body are Fritchof Capra (the tao of physics) and Deepak Chopra (quantum healing). Google!

2. How can osteopathy help?

It is well recognized now that suppressed emotions get stored in our physical bodies and that this “storing” is not good for our physical health. Physical symptoms commonly include chronic pain, fatigue, headaches, irritable bowel and the one with most research and interest is cancer. Psychological symptoms include depression and anxiety.